Dawn Dickson on Crowd Investing

Dawn Dickson on Crowd Investing, this is Disruption Now

Dawn Dickson is well-known for raising capital through crowdfunding means. In 2019, she made history using the same fundraising route usually overlooked by Black entrepreneurs. Dickson became the first Black founder in history worldwide to raise the highest secure token offering (STO) crowdfunding round from the general public. Her company PopCom has raised millions from more than 4,000 investors.

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Jewel Burks-Solomon on Google Startups

Jewel Burks-Solomon on Google Statups

In this session from the Disruption Now Summit we discuss the best practices and approaches for getting funded as a start-up with Jewel Burks-Solomon. Burks is an advocate for representation and access in the technology industry

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Max Tuchman CEO Caribu

At the Disruption Now Summit, I interviewed Maxeme Tuchman the CEO + Co-Founder of Caribu, an interactive video-calling platform that allows parents and grandparents to read and draw with children when they’re not in the same location. We discuss how black and brown entrepreneurs can win by raising money online instead of waiting on VCs.

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