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No More Compromises on Equality


In this episode:

Hosted By: James Keys & Tunde Ogunlana

The murder of George Floyd has been a flashpoint for civil unrest around the U.S., and James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana take a look at the actual murder and how people will be given opportunities to perceive it however they would like (01:19), the protests and the frustration which fuels them and the commonality that binds together all of the peaceful protestors (07:57), taking a specific look at the peaceful protestors really embody the equality ideology (15:30). The guys also discuss the looting and violence that has popped up as well as the militarized approach to the demonstrations (33:15) and consider what comes next (47:23).


BBC: George Floyd: What happened in the final moments of his life.
WaPo: Officer charged in George Floyd’s death used fatal force before and had history of complaints.
TheAtlantic: When Police View Citizens as Enemies.
NYMag: There’s Nothing Confusing Here.


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