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It’s a Fight to Make Voting More Accessible


In this episode:

Hosted By: James Keys & Tunde Ogunlana

The right to vote has been in large part secured, but the fight against efforts to make it inaccessible is ongoing, so James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana take a look at the issues Georgia primary and how the practice of voter suppression often plays out (02:00), discuss the typical battle lines in the fight to make voting more or less accessible, including LeBron James’ recent entry into the fray (26:23), and how these battle lines influence, and are influenced by, the strategies of the Republican and Democratic parties (39:49).


AJC: Voting machines and coronavirus force long lines on Georgia voters.
CNN: ‘A giant warning siren’: Concerns about November’s election grow after Georgia’s disastrous primary.
NBC: Voter turnout soared in Georgia despite massive primary day problems.
NYTimes: Take It From Me, Voter Fraud Is Part of the G.O.P. Playbook.
NYTimes: Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting.
MotherJones: Republicans Are Trying to Kick Thousands of Voters Off the Rolls During a Pandemic.
CNN: John Blake: Voter suppression now has a white face in Wisconsin.
WaPo: The Republican Party is white and Southern. How did that happen?
NYMag: Tribalism Isn’t Our Democracy’s Main Problem. The Conservative Movement Is.
CNN: LeBron James and other athletes start organization to help African Americans vote.
NPR: Stacey Abrams Spearheads ‘Fair Fight,’ A Campaign Against Voter Suppression.


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